Rocket Ride: The budget pre-workout that's out of this world!

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Rocket Ride: The budget pre-workout that's out of this world!

Rocket Ride is one of the newest pre-workouts on the market. It's a solid all rounder with stimulants, pump, focus and absorption ingredients. The formula is fully transparent and contains 3 different forms of caffeine as well as some added fat burning ingredients.

More specifically, Rocket Ride is one of the more budget friendly pre-workout formulas coming in at £24.99 for 30 full servings. It's rare to find a product offering 30 full servings at this price point, especially considering the quality of the ingredients profile Rocket Ride offers.

At Apex Supplements, we've been using Rocket Ride to power our workouts over the last few days and wanted to give our initial thoughts on this new budget friendly pre-workout. But first, let's take a look at the ingredients.

Each serving (1 scoop) contains:
4g L-Citrulline (this is a really solid dose for great pumps and is the equivalent of 6g Citulline Malate at 2:1 ratio)
3g Beta-Alanine (great dose, very close to the full clinical 3.2g dosage. More than enough to give the tingles)
2g L-Carnitine (great for energy and fat burning benefits)
1g L-Taurine (perfect dose for hydration and increasing muscle cell volume)
500mg NAC-L-Tyrosine (this dose is a little on the low side, we would prefer closer to 1g, but this still provides nice benefits to focus during workouts)
300g Citicoline (great dose, right in the sweet spot for this form of Choline, great for focus and superior to some other forms of Choline)
250mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 200mg Kola Nut extract & 125mg Guarana Seed Extract - this provides a total combined caffeine hit of 317mg with the 3 sources differing in their time to kick in, providing a more sustained energy to ward off the crash.
70mg Hordenine HCl (solid dose of this stimulant, providing great energy as well as fat burning effects)
50mg Grains of Paradise (perfect full dose for fat burning during workouts)
5mg Bioperine (perfect to aid in absorption for all ingredients)

Apex Supplements initial thoughts:
We tried the Blue Raspberry flavour, in all honesty it tasted more like Bubblegum but it wasn't by any means unpleasant. It can be really difficult to flavour a product nicely that contains Grains of Paradise as an ingredient, as Grains of Paradise has a very strong flavour which is hard to cover.

We've been really impressed with this pre-workout, especially when you factor in the price per serving (£0.83). The 3 forms of caffeine are perfect for a nice clean and sustained hit of energy and the added fat burning ingredients (ALCAR, Hordenine and GoP) are a massive bonus. Within around 20 minutes of taking Rocket Ride we felt the beta-alanine tingles kick in. The 3g dose was perfect for aiding in our performance and only falls 200mg shy of the full clinically recognised dose. The formula leans more heavily towards the stimulants and you definitely feel a kick from them. There is a nice balance with this as we didn't find ourselves feeling overly stimmed to the point where it was hard to concentrate on our workouts. They provided just enough energy to help us beat some PB's on our main lifts, without any jitters or crash.

The Citicoline is a really nice addition to the formula. It's a superior form of Choline to the more commonly found Choline Bitartrate and is up there with Alpha-GPC. We felt really dialled in during our sessions with Rocket Ride. We train in a large commercial gym but we felt like the only one's in the room, it certainly provided a tunnel-vision like level of focus for our workouts.

Overall, while Rocket Ride may be missing some ingredients found in more expensive formulas, such as the likes of Betaine Anhydrous, it certainly provides a real kick and overall great experience that is hard to find in pre-workout formulas at this price point. It is definitely one of the better budget pre-workouts on the market and would be a very good daily driver for those that prefer more stimulant based pre-workout formulas.

View Rocket Ride at Apex Supplements.

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